Friday, September 19, 2014

The General Fear of MLM

Did you know there is a general fear or misunderstanding of MLM by the public? The traditional news and all the junk that has happened in the past is not an accurate reflection of the whole industry. If you are new, you may have had reservations about the opportunity. Most veterans have lived through the issues that surrounded some companies in the past. Let the truth be told, running an MLM company and having independent contractors is a nightmare. The structure and the administration of such an organization is taken care of by the parent company and it can be quite frightening to explain the very basics to the uneducated. So let us debunk the general fear for the prospect.

The Fear of MLM

What is the fear that grips the minds of our possible prospects? Do they fear that the opportunity could make them broke? Do they fear that they will fail? Did they have a bad experience with someone in the industry? The most common fear is the misconception of the industry. They have read tons of bad reports in the newspaper or seen it on television. These tiny little incidents are not common or widely practiced, but one bad apple can ruin a barrel of good ones. It is your job to dispel these issues with careful facts and transparency.

The acts of some folks can ruin for a while a solid industry that has enabled millions of people to live a life that is free from the chains of tradition. It is OK to be cautious about joining an MLM company and it is suggested that you do a complete investigation into the business before signing up to represent them. As MLM leaders it is our sole job to best represent our companies by being truthful, transparent and cause no harm. If a prospect says no, we have to respect their wishes and move on. There is no need for continuous pressure. Others will want our time and attention and the freedom that our opportunity can offer them.

Overcome the Stereotypical Thinking of MLM

How can you overcome the stereotypical thinking of most people? You can present your business on a different footing by being transparent and honest in your dealings. Bring your personality into the mix and sell yourself and not the business aspect. People will be able to overlook the past barriers, if they see you and not the business per se. They will be attracted to what you have to offer. What do you think? Leave a comment and share your opinion.